Baling Services

Round Baling & wrapping

We are able to offer a fast and efficient Round Baling & Wrapping service for customers using a Mchale F550 Fixed Chamber baler fitted with 15 knife chopper unit producing dense and consistent 4 foot bales in silage, hay and straw. We also run a Conor round bale wrapper alongside the baler and running behind customers balers in the field and stack wrapping.

Conventional Baling

with Bale Bandit

We also run a Massey Ferguson 1839 Inline baler coupled with a Bale Bandit for ease of handling and storage providing customers with premium conventional bales which can be mechanically handled. The bale bandit takes bales directly from the baler without touching the floor, stacking them on edge, 3 high and 7 deep, making a 21 bale pack which can be handled with bale spikes like a large square bale. This dramatically reduces the labour requirement associated to producing conventional bales.