Crop Establishment

Grass Seeding & Over-Seeding

Using a 6 metre tined harrow coupled with an Opico piped air seeder unit we are able to offer a cost effective grass seeding solution for full re-seeds and over-seeding. The harrow has adjustable tines allowing the aggressiveness of the tines to be selected depending on the job. The air seeder allows for accurate seed metering and  placement to be achieved. We have achieved great results using this setup in full re-seeds and over-seeding by stitching new grass seed into open and poor achieving grass leys

Cereal Drilling

with Weaving Tine Drill

Cereal drilling is carried out with our 4 metre Weaving Tine drill run on a tractor operating on RTX GPS steering for accurate drilling at a wide variety of tramline width options. The drill is suitable for both min-till and plough based cultivation systems on all soil types and varying moisture conditions. The weaving tine drill is capable of drilling all seed types from oilseeds to beans at varying drilling depths.

Grass Seed Broadcasting

with UTV

We are also able to offer a grass seed and slug pellet spreading service using a UTV using GPS steering with a Stocks Spreader. This set-up is a very cost effective operation with a light ground foot print in less than favourable conditions.


We are able to offer a variety of primary and secondary cultivation services for our customers to include: Mole Draining, Subsoiling, Ploughing, Power Harrowing, Cultivating using Simba X-press cultivator with ST Toolbar with low disturbance legs and Cambridge Rolling.